99% of Those Who Died of COVID-19 in Italy Were Already Sick

The National Health Authority in Italy has just released a study in which they reported 99% of the fatalities from the Wuhan-flu in their country who were already sick. These individuals had 1 to 3 underlying conditions that were discovered when authorities began digging through their medical records.

Authorities began sifting through the medical records of those who died from the Wuhan-flu or COVID-19 virus to see why the death rate was so high. 2,500 deaths from more than 31,500 confirmed cases of the virus. This was an increase of 150% from the death toll the week before. This, of course, had authorities concerned. The study determined that of those who died, all but 3 had previous illnesses. 25.1% of those who died had 1 other illness; 25.6% had 2 other conditions and 48.5% had 3 conditions preceding the contraction of the COVID-19 illness.

Of those who died from the virus, three-quarters had high blood pressure, while about a third had heart disease and a third had diabetes. This just goes to show that underlying conditions contribute to the severity and increased risk of fatality of an illness.

The median age of people who died in Italy from the COVID-19 virus was 79, although the average age of those infected and confirmed to have the virus is 63. There were a few younger individuals, some in their 40s, 50s and 60s, but again, these people (mostly men) had a serious underlying condition that put them at greater risk of respiratory distress. This emphasizes that the risk of dying from the disease is increased with age.

The bottom line: Take care of your health now with good food, proper nutrition, optimal digestion and stress management so you don’t get the conditions (diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc) that raise your risk of all-cause mortality, let alone from a virus like the Wuhan-flu. Diseases like diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure are, for the most part, lifestyle diseases and can be prevented through good diet and exercises as well as stress management and regular detoxing practices. Don’t wait to get started working towards better health. As long as you have a pulse, it is possible to reverse risky conditions and give your body a better chance at fighting off this current strain and whatever the next virus may be.


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