Branch Basics Review

I’ve been using Branch Basics plant-based all-natural cleaning supplies for years now. The concentrate makes oodles of refills, does the job and leaves my family and I feeling like our home has a regular deep cleaning!

The bottles/containers: I’ve been reusing the same spray bottles since my first order five years ago. The sprayer mechanisms are strong and haven’t failed me yet! The bottles of concentrate are easy to pour and easy to handle. The containers are all generously sized and last a long time!

The experience: I don’t like harsh chemicals. They smell bad or are too strong with fragrance. They leave a residue among other things. Branch Basics are all-natural made from plant extracts. They smell great, clean well and leave my home disinfected and safe from contact germs. I can make laundry soap, all-purpose cleaner, bathroom cleaner and a streak-free cleaner for my stainless-steel appliances—all from the same concentrate.

You can join those of us who want a safer, more sustainable cleaning product, too. Because the concentrate can be used to prepare multiple formulations to clean various surfaces from bathrooms to streak-free and everything in between without constantly buying new bottles of toxic cleaner, I know I am helping to protect my family from germs and harsh chemicals while preventing excess waste from filling the landfill.

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