Many people are dealing with fatigue these days. It may not be solely due to over committing ourselves, though that is a factor, but it has a lot to do with poor nutritional status, broken digestion, food sensitivities, toxins and lifestyle choices. There are preventative steps that can be taken to ward off fatigue before it starts, but if you are already dealing with a lack of energy, there are specific things that can be done to support healing and bring energy back to your cells.

The body is smart. It will not produce adequate energy levels when it is busy just trying to survive. That is what is happening when a person is burdened with poor digestion, toxins, nutritional deficiencies lifestyle choices and food sensitivities. The immune system will remain burdened, the mitochondria will not produce ATP (the cells’ form of energy) effectively until your nutritional status, food sensitivities and poorly functioning digestion are addressed.

A protocol will be developed after specific testing is performed to determine the exact direction we need to go in order to allow your body to heal and begin producing adequate and even abundant energy. The protocol for this is relatively short, but it does depend on the person’s unique health status, how focused on the plan they are and how much healing that needs to occur. Some people experience a boost of energy within a couple of weeks.

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