When migraines are a regular visitor to your life they can ruin many things. Whether you know the cause of them or are caught off guard, migraines often dictate what activities we can enjoy or not. There are several causes of headaches, but aside from structural issues and hormone imbalances, migraines can be caused by broken digestion, food sensitivities, nutritional imbalances and toxic load.

If migraines are ruling your life and ruining your memory-making moments, we need to make a plan of healing for you. Testing will be performed that will reveal the likely cause(s) and from that a detailed plan of action will be developed. This plan will be tailored to your needs and will help bring balance and healing back to your life. Often times an unknown food sensitivity is leading to increased inflammation which results in migraines. Whatever the cause, we will work to set you on a course for healing.

The protocol length and format vary depending on the individual and their unique needs. It is possible to ward off your next migraine and see you enjoying your life again.

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