How Does Nutritional Therapy Help ME?

The body is designed to heal; that’s one of the main roles of the immune system. We are designed to heal. People are not sick because of a shortage of pills but because of many things, some of which we have control over. Functional Nutritional Therapy (FNT) is a natural health-improvement tool that uses food, supplementation (if necessary) and lifestyle recommendations to bring about a state of healing within the body naturally. This method of supporting the body’s innate healing allows the immune system to turn its focus from joints, tissues, skin, or self and focus on true pathogens such as viruses and other intruders.

As a Functional Nutritional Therapy and Restorative Wellness Practitioner, my job is to determine the root cause of a person’s symptoms or condition and then address the concerns using food recommendations in what’s called nutritional therapy. I also use supplementation as needed and lifestyle recommendations that support the client’s healing journey. A person is not ill because of a lack of medication. Illness is caused by inflammation, which has its roots in things like nutritional imbalances, toxins, food sensitivities, stress, nutritional excess, and other forms of stress to the body. I use specialized testing to determine what the root cause is and then make tailored recommendations to guide my clients to their goals in as few steps as possible. No guessing.

The Physicians’ Desk Reference has over 250,000 drugs listed in its pages, however not one of those drugs heals human tissue (Dr. Alan Lindsley). That’s scary! Medications are the go-to for the majority of doctors and patients alike. Don’t get me wrong: medications have their place and have saved countless lives. Millions of people are dependent on those drugs, though. Many medications have side effects, some of which are severe and can be worse problems than those the drug was originally intended to treat. In many cases balance in the body can be restored naturally. When the body is in balance, disease is rare.

You may be wondering who can benefit from nutritional therapy. People who are tired of being on medication for various conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, depression/anxiety, skin rashes or conditions like eczema and psoriasis can benefit from nutritional therapy. Those who have problems sleeping or concentrating can all benefit from nutritional therapy. People who have a family history of disease that they are concerned about and want to avoid can benefit from nutritional therapy. Those who are battling weight gain and hormone imbalances can benefit from nutritional therapy. People with autoimmune conditions or mystery illnesses can benefit from nutritional therapy. Even people who aren’t on medication and who have no known health problems can benefit from nutritional therapy to optimize digestion and nutritional status which is the basic requirement of optimal health. There is power in proper nutrition and good nutrition is not based on calories in-calories out.

Functional Nutritional Therapy is a perfect adjunct to chiropractic care as well. When nutrients are out of balance or a person is eating something that they are sensitive to, inflammation will result. Inflammation can cause pain, but it can also prevent healing. Using quality food and addressing deficiencies and imbalances and resolving underlying health problems, we can reduce the amount of inflammation in the body and thereby help your chiropractic care have a greater effect.

Now is the time to find out more! Reach out and schedule your free discovery call now. You may find that hope is real and optimal health can be yours!

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