The RESTART® Program is a five-week class led by a Certified Functional Nutritional Therapist. It combines the simple elements of an up-to-date nutrition education, a guided 3-week sugar detox (aka Real Food Challenge), with small group support into a powerful way to kick start a new healthy lifestyle. It’s truly an empowering combination! 

Online Class Options 


                                                            March 12 – April 9

                                                        6:00-7:30 pm



                                                         March 15 – April 12

                                                             6:30-8:00 pm

The 5-week RESTART program is available to you for an end-of-winter special of $99. The normal price is $149 per participant. Take advantage of this special price while it is available!

The Zoom link for participants will be sent 2 days before the start of each class session.

*Space is limited. Sign up today to hold your space. Invoices will be sent out after your participation is confirmed. Payment is due at registration. For couples, please have each person fill out a request form. Please read the disclaimer and cancellation policies below.

"I'm so grateful that my husband and I joined RESTART®. Our instructor was so supportive and informative! Don't hesitate to start this program and begin your journey to wellness.”

Patsy B.

Washington RESTART Participant

"After Restart I feel so much more energized and lighter! Before I felt heavy and out of energy all the time. I really do feel great. I feel more calm, relaxed and now I enjoy the food that I eat. Everything tastes better. I feel like a new person!”

Risa S.

Riga, Latvia RESTART® Participant

"I was surprised at how much sugar I was eating, and had how it was negatively affecting my body. RESTART® completely changed the way I look at food and how I feel about my body. I highly recommend this program!”

Melanie S.

California, RESTART® Participant

"I’m a dentist and we had plenty of medical education in school. However, one subject that was seriously lacking was nutrition. I learned so much during the class! (And that’s coming from a guy who thought he already knew everything – you know doctors.) Since I’ve cut out sugar from my life and adopted the changes you teach, my joint aches and back aches are almost gone, my feet don’t hurt anymore when I walk, I’ve lost weight, I feel and look better, I sleep better, and I can eat bacon (and anything) without guilt!! Thank you for teaching me the truth about food and nutrition.”


Virginia RESTART® Participant

Things you will learn
1. Introduction and preparation for your sugar detox.
2. Digestive check-in. We will discuss digestion and learn how this vital system works.
3. This begins your sugar detox. Learn strategies and recipes for success.
4. The truth about FATS.
5. Celebration and completion of the program. Learn important tips to continue on your health journey.

Excellent! Inspiring! Eye Opening! Life Changing!

These are some of the words that RESTART® participants have used to describe their experiences with this program. The RESTART® Program is a five week class led by a Certified Nutritional Therapist. It combines the simple elements of an up-to-date nutrition education, a guided 3-week sugar detox (aka Real Food Challenge), with small group support into a powerful way to kickstart a new healthy lifestyle. It’s truly an empowering combination!

Part nutritional education, part sugar detox, part support group.

This 5-week long program will help you learn how to implement whole foods in your life. With a 3-week sugar detox built into the class, you will be giving your body the break it needs. You will learn how REAL FOOD can help you cut sugar and carb cravings. 

RESTART® has made a huge difference in how I shop for food, how I prepare it, and the amount I eat. I feel in control of what I put in my mouth and have lost weight healthfully because of it.

Sue B.

Minnesota, RESTART®  Participant


I learned some great new info that I'd been misled about by American culture. I liked feeling in control of what I bought and prepared

Ann H.

Washington, RESTART®  Participant


I now understand what I need to heal myself and my family. This class changed my attitude towards food and health. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired all the time, I highly recommend taking RESTART®.

Melissa M.

Friendswood, TX, RESTART®  Participant


I'd been trying to lose weight for months. The Restart®Program helped me not just lose weight (finally) but change some bad habits. It taught me to be more aware of what I was eating and how to better balance my meals.

Robin P.

Alaska, RESTART®  Participant

*Groups may require a minimum of 4 participants to proceed. If you cancel before the class begins you will be refunded your registration fee less a $20 cancellation fee.
If you cancel after the class has begun there is no refund.
It is the participant’s responsibility to consult with his or her physician as to the appropriateness of the RESTART program being undertaken by the participant.  
Results can vary depending on many factors as everyone is a bio-individual.
Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioners are certified by the Nutritional Therapy Association and are not licensed to treat or diagnose any condition.