Supporting Your Immune System

By now most people have experienced the lack of basic supplies at the grocery store or corner market: toilet paper, paper towel, eggs, etc. In my experience, they’ve even wiped out the supply of rubbing alcohol and peroxide! But that’s ok. I know people are a little worried right now and I am well-stocked at home. Besides, supporting the immune system naturally is effective and easy!

Supporting the immune system naturally doesn’t have to be difficult. Read on to see how you can start today.

  1. Get outdoors as much as possible. The sun and fresh air is wonderful for many reasons. Take a walk, go for a bike ride, play outside with your kids or dog, garden or just take a few minutes to read a good book in the spring sunshine.
  2. Eat quality food. There are organic processed junk food options but that isn’t what I am referring to. Eat whole foods in their most recognizable form. The fewer the added ingredients the better. These foods, straight from the ground or farm, are the best sources of useable nutrients.
  3. Drink clean water. Filtered water is ideal. Not water from a fridge filter but water from a true carbon filtered unit or from an ROS system at your sink. Filtration such as the Berkey, Zero Water pitchers or ROS systems provide virus-free, chemical-free water.
  4. Avoid sugar. Sugar suppresses the immune system. Plain. And. Simple. Sugar is an antinutrient. If you must have something sweet, use natural sweeteners like honey, maple syrup or molasses. These are still sugar, but they offer nutritional value as well. It’s important to keep them to a minimum, however.
  5. Reduce your stress load. Stress is a killer. Now, more than ever, people are under a great deal of stress. Financial worries, fears of getting the virus, family issues, isolation and others are all sources of stress. Stress suppresses your immune system’s ability to fight illness. Take time for yourself and do things that help you relax. Just like I said earlier, go for a walk, sit outside in the sun for a while, play with a pet or watch a funny movie. Do something that brings you joy which will help reduce your stress levels.
  6. Get adequate rest. The body heals best when it is rested and not deprived of sleep. This is a big topic and one that I could write a book on. The basics are more important now than ever. Don’t use the current environment as an excuse to stay up late and watch a movie because you don’t have to drive anywhere tomorrow. Instead, set a bedtime and stick to it. Make a bedtime routine and do it every night before bed. That includes shutting off the screens before the moment you climb into bed. Give yourself time to unwind and get into a restful state before climbing into bed.
  7. Take your vitamins. Eating a whole food diet is ideal for obtaining your vitamins, but when you aren’t able to eat 100% right, a good supplement can go a long way to supporting your immune system. Specifically, vitamins C, Bs, and the fat-soluble vitamins A,D,E, and K. These all support your immune system and offer a little lift to your body’s virus-fighting arsenal.

Remember, good health is the best way to fight off a virus or bacterial infection in the first place, but when you are already in the trenches, support your body’s defenses naturally for the best chances of staying well.

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