Ignorance may cost you your health. Following guidelines that have no scientific basis may cost us our health and resilience. I am referring to the recommendation to wear a face mask to “prevent transmission of the virus to others”.
The lungs are moist and designed to expel debris, viruses, dust and other pathogenic components when one breathes. Problems arise when you are dehydrated and/or wearing a mask. Dehydration makes your lungs sticky and prevents proper exhalation of these antagonistic particles and a mask traps the particles and causes you to breathe them back in, essentially recirculating the dangerous particles which could reinfection of the person.
Doctors who know this and are sharing the information are being silenced and therefore the message is not getting out.
I would rather let my immune system do its job to keep me healthy and avoid the places that require face masks in the first place. There are enough sheeple willing to shop and frequent those places to help them stay open.
Here’s an article that shares the risk statistics of wearing a mask. Make your own decision, but make it based on facts not fear.

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