What Water is Best for Me?

There’s been a popular belief of late that drinking alkaline water, which has a higher pH (8.0 or so) is good for the body. Yes, and no. You see, water naturally has a pH of 7.0. Adding minerals to water is what makes the pH a little higher, while adding some lemon to your water will cause a drop in pH (meaning it is more acidic). Many people believe they need to drink water with a higher pH because there was some hype around alkaline water making the body more alkaline, which theoretically will protect you from cancer (supposing that a more acidic body pH is conducive to cancer).

I frankly don’t see people drinking enough water period as well as eating a bad diet, both of which lend a person to higher health risks across the board.

You should keep in mind that alkaline water will raise the pH of the stomach which isn’t a good thing when you are eating a meal. I never recommend people drink alkaline water when eating because it will neutralize the stomach acid that is supposed to be breaking down food. Next, there is no magic in alkaline water, but the minerals are helpful at balancing your electrolyte levels, particularly while exercising. The bulk of your water should be natural spring water, though, with only natural levels of minerals within. Springwater won’t have a higher pH, but there are some minerals present.

The source of your water matters. If you are drinking from the tap, please stop. Tap water is not a good thing to be consuming. I know that city planners and workers are working hard to make tap water a safe option, but too many tests have shown otherwise in many communities across America. The important thing is investing in a good filter which is critical for helping the body maintain proper hydration without subjecting you to toxins that are detrimental to your health. There are some really good filters out there that will clean your water and remove harmful viruses, pollutants, pharmaceuticals (yes, other people’s medications are showing up in city water supplies), heavy metals, pesticides, mold and a host of other harmful substances. There are reverse osmosis filters, gravity-fed filter units and pitcher models that remove even glyphosate.

The units I like the best are the Berkey Filtration System, reverse osmosis systems (ROS) and the Zero Water pitcher. The Berkey systems are gravity fed and provide clean, chemical-free and pesticide-free water while leaving minerals intact. These units sit on the side of your sink/counter and use gravity to pull tap water from the top through filters to a holding tank at the bottom. The only drawbacks are they are kind of pricey (~$300+) and you have to replace the filters several times a year, but they work wonderfully well. The good news is they come in different sizes and therefore different price points. Next, there are reverse osmosis systems, which are usually plumbed into your sink’s waterline so you can have water on tap next to your kitchen faucet. ROS water is very efficient and provides pure, clean water that is free of harmful substances (including glyphosate), but, unfortunately, it is also replete of minerals. Adding mineral drops to your ROS water is advised so that your bones and other systems remain in a good balance. The upfront cost is moderate (~$200) but the filters last a long time. Our 5-stage filters have lasted 4 years before needing to be replaced. The Zero Water pitcher is the most economical of the units (~$30), but it does have limitations. This pitcher removes most chemicals and nasties from your water (including 100% of glyphosate), but its capacity is limited so you would have to refill the unit a couple times a day, depending on how fast you drink water. You will also need to replace the filter frequently, depending on how fast you run through its volume limitations for filtration.

Keep in mind that fads are not usually founded in science and often are just a lot of hype. Alkaline water is one of those things. The most important thing is to drink pure water that has adequate minerals and no impurities.

Remember: 1) Stay hydrated, 2) eat a healthy diet, 3) get plenty of rest and exercise, 4) avoid toxins (including smoking and chemicals in personal care products) and 5) keep stress down and positivity up in your life and you will find it easier to maintain energy and vitality for years to come.

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