Why I’m Not Afraid of the COVID-19

There’s some debate lately about the severity of the COVID-19. Trusted sources that I rely on are explaining that there is nothing to get in a panic over. While most emails I’ve been getting from newsletters have been about how to keep from getting infected by minimizing contact or washing your hands for 20 seconds, it’s important to maintain a strong immune system all the time. A healthy immune system will fight off viruses, which is why I follow these and encourage my clients to follow these recommendations.

To give your body the best chance, there are some simple recommendations that will help you maintain a strong immune system and fight off any viral or bacterial illness.

  1. Go outside in the fresh air and sunshine. The sun is a wonderful anti-bacterial agent! I remember my mom hanging rugs and other things out in the sun to disinfect them because they couldn’t be washed. On top of that, the body needs sun exposure to produce Vitamin D, which when it is low increases the body’s risk to illness. Another benefit to being outside is the air tends to be less stuffy. Stuffy air harbors germs.
  2. Eat good, healthy whole foods. There is an adage that says you are what you eat. This in many ways is very true. If you are eating processed, lifeless food, your body and immune function will be poor. If you consume healthy, whole foods rich in vitamins, phytonutrients, antioxidants and minerals, your body will be vibrant, full of life and the immune system will function optimally.
  3. Eliminate sugar. Sugar is a terrible component to our diets today. It isn’t food, rather it is an anti-nutrient. For every molecule of sugar consumed it takes 50 molecules of nutrients from your body to process that sugar. It doesn’t take a lot to see the problem in that; it takes more energy than it provides. Sugar is also an inflammatory substance and causes inflammation in tissues as well as acts to suppress the immune system.
  4. Reduce stress. Normal levels of stress are good for the body and immune system but fear, constant stress, a diet filled with processed food all result in different forms of stress that all affect the body negatively. To reduce stress, and therefore inflammation which makes the immune system malfunction, avoid sugar, simple carbohydrates, bad fats, personal care products with harsh chemicals, and harsh laundry and cleaning items.
  5. Take your vitamins but not necessarily in pill form. Some good vitamins that help boost the immune system are vitamins D, A, E, K, C and the B complex. Vitamins D, A, E and K are fat-soluble and must be taken in the presence of fat for the body to use them. Great sources of D, A, E and K are grass-fed butter and cod liver oil. These fat-soluble vitamins are effective immune boosters. Vitamins C and the B complex are water-soluble. Loading up on Vitamin C is safe and very effective at helping the body fight off illness. Don’t worry, extra Vitamin C will not cause kidney stones. You can get Vitamin C in food form (think oranges, kiwi fruit, and other fruits and some veggies), but if you are dealing with an acute illness, you can take a healthy (and safe) dose every 20 minutes until bowel tolerance is reached. Our family takes 1,000mg every 20 to 30 minutes until the urgent need to run to the bathroom happens. It’s amazing that when people are sick, their need for Vitamin C increases exponentially! The B complex is immune supportive and available in whole foods as well. Some good sources include seafood, meat (especially liver), eggs (cage-free at least), leafy greens and seeds. Vitamins found in whole foods are the most useable because of the synergy of the relationship the nutrients all have in the food. Isolating vitamins to take one variety on its own doesn’t offer the body the same benefit as obtaining them from whole foods.
  6. Get your rest. Ample rest allows the immune system to fight off illness effectively.
  7. Drink clean, purified water. Drinking plenty of water enables the body to flush toxins and viruses, as well as moistens the lungs and breath so you can free your lungs of viruses.

Following these recommendations will help your body fight illnesses effectively because the immune system will be healthy and strong. Don’t panic about any virus that makes the news. Instead, be proactive now and help your body fight the good fight!

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